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Welcome to Aus-Asia Packaging

Specialising in

 the Manufacture of

Plastic Tableware

Since 2007​




Bring your packaging and product ideas to us and we will help you fulfill the designs you need.


With our range of services in product design, we are able to provide you with the design and creation of custom molds to bring to you your ideal packaging product whilst enhancing the your brand name through custom printing.



Our specialty is in the mass production of quality food packaging products and accessories. 

Since establishment, we have been manufacturing plastic food containers, cutleries, plates, bowls and cups. Our production has evolved into producing much more ever since, with the introduction of tamper evident containers and coffee cup lids and many more into our product line.


Distribution & Sourcing

Providing you with the products directly from China, or through distributors in Australia. 

Through our connections and partnerships with various manufacturers and distributors, we're able to help you source the product you're searching for should you have difficulty finding it. 

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Here at Aus-Asia Plastic & Packaging Co. Ltd , we specialise in design and manufacture whilst providing delivery service to food-service wholesalers directly.


We offer our customers a wide range of plastic disposable tableware including but not limited to: takeaway containers, cutleries, bowls, plates, cups, and serving platters.


Our target market is to provide to foodservice wholesalers, supermarkets, catering service providers and party wares.


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